Vietnam Cashew Nut WW210

Moisture:                     5% Max
Broken:                         5% Max
Mould and fungus:  0%
Admixture:                  0.01% Max
Silk shell:                          1% Max


Vietnam Cashew Nut WW210

Vietnam Cashew Nut Product Description

Vietnam cashew nut ww210 grade (or: white whole cashew 210, cashew w210, cashew nuts ww210, white whole cashew w210, cashew grade w210)

Is a large, beautiful, white, whole-grain cashew that has between 180 and 210 nuts/pound (395 – 465 beans/kg) and is known internationally as Jumbo Cashew Nuts.

They are the 2nd standard of cashew nuts of the standards used to classify cashews. Ww210 white cashew nuts are large in size and very expensive.

So they are often used to make: salted cashew nuts, honey cashews, whole-grain salt-roasted cashews, chili garlic cashews, wasabi cashews …

And many other premium products that need to use premium whole cashew nuts. In the cashew nut classification system, the more advanced nuts are, the bigger they are, the tastier they taste, the more nutrients in the nut, the greater the value.

So, the ww210 white cashew kernel is a type of cashew that is loved by many countries around the world, with great demand for ordering in Vietnam.

Nutrition In Cashew

Many studies have shown that regular daily intake of cashew nuts can have a variety of health benefits, in the long term improving overall human health.

Cashew nuts help prevent cardiovascular diseases, reduce the risk of diabetes, help prevent cancer, promote the formation of RBC, enhance bone and dental health, reduce the risk of anemia. , prevent gallstones, strengthen the immune system … Because of the great benefits that cashew nuts bring, they are being consumed a lot.

Moisture:                     5% Max
Broken:                         5% Max
Mould and fungus:  0%
Admixture:                  0.01% Max
Silk shell:                          1% Max


PacificProductionCo Vietnam Cashew Nut – Contact Us

We have been exporting to many countries for over 10 years and have been prefered by domestic and foreign customers, such as Switzerland, Germany, Spain, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Russia, Czech Republic, Canada. , Mexico, Taiwan, South Korea, United States., etc.

Manufactured using quality modern machinery and equipment, the factory meets food safety management system ISO22000 certificate by SGS.

New technology with no additives, no preservatives, sterilized by heat machine, no any chemicals.

Materials are carefully selected, large round kernels, high quality, slightly sweet, delicious.

Dried Cashew Nut Kernels: Click Here

Honey cashew factory: 413/41/3/9A Levanquoi st., Binhtan Dist., Hochiminh city, Vietnam
Tel:+84.283.767.3699  WhatsApp:+84.944966989

Dried and roasted  Factory: DT741 Tanphu Farm, Dongphu dist., Binhphuoc, Vietnam





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