About Us

Pacific Production Co., ltd is professional producer, trader and directly exporter of Vietnamese Cashew kernels over 10 years.

Our cashewnut kernels are dried and roasted kernels, good quality and were processed under organic method, no any pesticide.

Our main grades of Vietnam cashew kernels including:

  1. Cashew kernel WW
  2. Cashew kernel SW
  3. Cashew kernel LBW
  4. Cashew pieces: LP, SP, BB 
  5. Roasted cashewnut
  6. Honey cashewnut
  7. Cashewnut nutrition cakes

Our cashew factory process cashewnut according to buyer’s  order passed  HACCP certificate before 2018 and  from middle 2018, almost our machines and equipment are stainless steel passed ISO 22000 Version 2018 certificate, 

Our capacity: 3,000 Metric tons  of kernels per year

Our cashew kernels are good quality, free of any insect and without bacteria (we fumigated over 80C degree by machine to kill all insects and their eggs, killed E.Coli and Samolella), moisture always below 5%, foreign matter zero, well packing at most reasonable costs. For over 10 years experienced in processing  and exporting cashewnut, we had exported to over 50 countries  over the world such as Switzerland, Germany, France, Netherlands, USA, Canada, Mexico, Russia, Middle East with regular delivery, safe, assured shipment to buyer’s warehouse.

Welcome all customers cooperate long term with our company!

For any kindly inform us at email: cashew@pacificproductionco.com 

or cashewnut@pacificproductionco.com

Customer care: WhatsApp  +84.944.966.989 +84.927418998,

Phone: +84.2837673699,  Fax:+842837673980

Office and small factory honey cashew and cashew cake: 413/41/3/9A Levanquoi st.,  Binhtan Dist., Hochiminh, Vietnam

Dried and roasted cashewnut Factory (branch): G33, Dt741, Baukefarm, Dongphu dist, Binhphoc Province, Vietnam